Email Configuration in Mobile

By | December 3, 2018

Business Email setup is very easy in mobile devices just follow the steps given below to configure your mobile devices for using business mail. You can use a mobile default email client or you can download Outlook Mobile app in your device and use it. However, it is recommended to use Outlook as it is much better for email assistance. Whatever app you are using the steps will be the same.
How to Configure Mail in Mobile Phone
Before You Start Please Note-

  • IMAP is activated from mail setting
  • For Gmail accounts, allow less secure devices to configure emails

Types of Accounts

Basically, there are two types of Account s

  • IMAP- It is a mail server that works on the working internet connection. The files are saved on the server itself, therefore, each time you want to access the file it has to establish a connection.
  • POP3- It is a mail server that downloads your mail and can work without internet connection. The files are saved on the device and do not need and can be accessible at any time.

How to Configure Business Mail Clients:

Steps to configure the Business Mail in Mobile devices are as follows-

  • In Mobile Devices open Email Client app
  • Click on others out of the various options.
  • Input Email ID and click on the “Manual Setup” Option.
  • Select the Type of account you want. Use IMAP it is recommended for mobile devices and click next.
  • Fill the information of incoming servers like IMAP Server, Port Number, Security Type, and password. You can find the information about these settings below-
    • IMAP server:
    • Port Number: 993
    • Security Type: SSL
    • Password: Your Password provided by Nebula Admin
  • Now fill the information of Outgoing Server
    • SMTP server:
    • Port Number: 587
    • Security Type: TLS
    • Password: Your Password provided by Nebula Admin
  • Setup is complete click Next, Next. You have successfully configured Business Mail Setup.

Check out setting snapshots at the link below: