Why Your Website Must Be Responsive?

By | September 18, 2018

Is your website a Responsive website?

The website is a big deal as the market of the website rapidly grown in past few years. With the increase in the technological advancement, the market of the internet is also changing and therefore the businesses have to change with the time and adapt quickly according to the market needs. Now the current market is inclined towards the mobile users. The Smartphone industry and the internet industry have grown together they complete each other vacuum space. Today every person has a Smartphone in the pocket. Even a four-year-old knows how to operate Smartphone. With the integration of high-speed internet this industry has spiked up and still maintaining its J-curve and this will not change in the near future for sure.

What is Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is a website that is designed to function with the variety of devices and with different screen size and resolution screen. There are different devices and the screen size is different for each device. The devices are desktop, Smartphone, tablets which comes in a variety of screen sizes. The technical part of the responsive website is done with coding using a query called “@media”. This query handles all the CSS that works on the device with different screen size other than the desktop computer.

responsive website

Why a Responsive Website?

Google recently announced that the mobile user mark has crossed desktop user and is still growing. This growth makes this a need of the market. When a certain thing is a want you should consider it but if it is a need, you need it. There are a lot of reasons to have a responsive website some of the reasons are listed below-

Improve User Experience

User experience can be improved when a responsive website is introduced. This is because when a user uses a different device like table a non-responsive website add scroll to the side and bottom of the browser. To prevent the hassle of scrolling, zoom in and out etc. a responsive website is essential.

Diversified Users

When you have a variety of devices as your potential target then your users become diversified and your website user count will increase.


The website that is optimized to fit the variety of devices makes the search engine to rank higher in the searches. The search engine like Google main goal is to provide best and accurate results for the user. There are a lot of factors that determine the ranking of the websites and one of them is a Responsive website

Cost Efficient

To have a different website for different devices are very costly and space consuming in the server that can make your website slower. This can be prevented by designing the website that is compatible with any device.