How Much SSL Certificate Costs?

By | May 26, 2017

What is SSL Certificate?

Before going into pricing discussion, lets understand what is SSL certificate. SSL in ‘SSL Certificate’ stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology. Lets say you are sitting in front of your laptop ordering daily grocery items. When you enter your credit card details to process payment, it is sent to server for verification. While data is sent to server, you may think of a hacker filtering your data and can steal your card details. Here the SSL encrypts your input data into indecipherable format and it will be decryption on server and then processed/verified.

How SSL Certificate Works?

Till now we understand that the SSL certificate is used to encrypted and decrypted data while transmitting between your computer and server. Lets understand it at technical level. You may also watch below video for details:

Does SSL Need Dedicated IP Address:

Answer to this question could both ‘Yes’ and ”No’. Actually it depends upon your server configuration. Let us explain more why answer it to both Yes and No:

YES: When a client (Browser sends a https request to a server with IP address, and it has more than one SSL certificates installed on it, it does not know which certificate to present. Thus the server is required to have only one certificate.

NO: While looking for alternative to the above issue, developer found a solution to it called SNI (Server Name Indication).  It indicates which hostname is requested by the client (browser) at the beginning of the handshake process.

SSL Certificates Pricing

SSL pricing ususally depends on:

  • number of website protected under one certificate
  • Liability protection amount offered on the SSL plan
  • If opted for Extended Validation SSL encryption

Now a days SSL certificates starts from around Rs. 3500/. It is advised that before buying SSL certificate, ask hosting provider if it support SNI.