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Why Your Website Must Be Responsive?

Is your website a Responsive website? The website is a big deal as the market of the website rapidly grown in past few years. With the increase in the technological advancement, the market of the internet is also changing and therefore the businesses have to change with the time and adapt quickly according to the… Read More »

What is Payment Gateway and How it Work?

Payment Gateway is a payment solution for websites. This is like a bridge that facilitates the transaction of money from the customer to the business. Payment Gateway is the middleman between the customer and the business that collect customer money and transfer to the bank account of the merchant.  Since the payment gateway is dealing… Read More »


The Accelerated Mobile Pages (usually known as AMP) is a google based project design which is an open standard for loading the pages. It was launched by Google in February 2016 with a goal to enhance mobile internet performances. The increased usage of mobiles for internet browsing has compelled the websites to adapt to this… Read More »