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Setting up mail on iPhone and MAC

Apple Mac and iPhone Email Client Configuration Like Microsoft Outlook Apple also has an e-mail client that is default for a MAC and iPhone devices. People using the apple devices often find it difficult to configure the Apple Mail application. In this article, we will provide you with step by step process to configure the… Read More »

Email Configuration in Mobile

Business Email setup is very easy in mobile devices just follow the steps given below to configure your mobile devices for using business mail. You can use a mobile default email client or you can download Outlook Mobile app in your device and use it. However, it is recommended to use Outlook as it is… Read More »

Email Configuration in Outlook

This is the guide on how to configure Business Maid Id in Outlook. Outlook is a very useful Mail Client that is widely used. There are lot of Mail Client provider namely Evolution, eM Client, Inky, Mailbird etc. that you can use but it is highly recommended to use outlook as it is the best… Read More »