How SEO Can Change Your Website Performance?

By | October 20, 2018

SEO is a process of ranking a webpage higher on the search result for various search engines like Google in an organic way. The search engine determines the website ranking by following a preset algorithm that a website must follow in order to rank higher in the search engine results than other websites. SEO can bring a lot of traffic to the website and it is the ultimate goal for an SEO executive. To increase the website performance an SEO Executive can follow various method and techniques to rank the website higher in the search results.

Types of SEO

  • On-page
  • Off-page

On-page SEO

The very first step when it comes to SEO process is Auditing the website to find any error or anything that can affect the website performance. This task is done by evaluating the coding, the content of the website, tags etc. this is often the most important part of the SEO. There are the various method used in On-Page SEO-


Content is a part of the website is very important and is often ignored, Content is the information that a user is searching for and when your content can deliver this information Google or any search engine will prioritize your content over other results. The necessary requirement for a good content is-

  • Content Quality- It is the way you represent your content and how easy it is for the user to get the data that he seeks.
  • Content Quantity- This factor is necessary for the website page as the Search Engine will prefer a detailed and long, engaging content over other contents as it increases the relevancy and quality of the content.
  • Content Frequency- The faster you update your content the better the website page performance will get and it gets reflected other pages of the website as well.
  • Content Relevancy- The accuracy of the data is necessary.
  • Content Keyword Density- The keyword density is a way that the content wants to know by meaning the keyword that you want to rank for must have a keyword in the titles and the content.

Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the promotion of your website on other websites by anchoring the keyword to the link of your website. Off-page SEO generally consists of Link building and generating traffic through external resources. The Off-Page SEO method is given below-



Link Building- Link Building is a widely used SEO process that is necessary for ranking the website higher in the ranking. There are various websites that are used for link building-

  • Forum website
  • Commenting website
  • Blogging website- external website for blogging
  • Link-exchange- a mutual exchange of website link
  • Web directories
  • Guest posting
  • Image posting
  • Bookmarking Website
  • Social Bookmarking

When Building the links in the external website it is necessary to determine the website Page Authority and the Domain Authority to pass good links to the website.


Internal Links refers to the link that links back to your own content instead of passing the user to some other website this link passes the user in some other page of that same website. This web of links creates an authority to the website pages. The header and the footer of the website is the prime location where internal linking can be seen.

Social Media

Social media is a huge influence on any person’s life. A person spends on average 3-4 hours in social, therefore it becomes necessary for businesses to use that social media to advertise their business and build the website visitors.